IWAKEHealthCare@FiCloud 2017 Workshop

The International Workshop on Applied Knowledge Engineering to Healthcare

Internet of Things (IOT) devices provides a huge amount data. This data can be incomplete, unknown, or even contradictory. Knowledge Representation and Reasoning has huge importance to problem solving in handling of this kind of information. Knowledge Discovery and Embedded Analytics is a set of activities that enable the extraction and analysis of useful knowledge. The main goal is to discover useful, valid, relevant and new knowledge about a particular activity, taking into account the magnitudes of data increasing. In this context and in health and biomedical informatics field the main purpose of developed systems is to extract and present clinically relevant information provides by medical devices.

The IWAKEHealtcare intends to promote the discussion of emerging trends, new projects and contributions about applied Knowledge Engineering in particular activity, giving more emphasis of health and biomedical informatics field.