José Manuel Ferreira Machado

Centro ALGORITMI - Department of Informatics

University of Minho - Portugal


About José Machado

José Machado is born in Arcos de Valdevez, Portugal, in 1963, married, two children. He is Associate Professor with Habilitation, at University of Minho, in Portugal.

Director of Centro ALGORITMI, University of Minho, member of the research line "Computer Science and Technology", member of the Knowledge Engineering Group, member of the Health Informatics Lab, member of the Department of Informatics, School of Engineering of the "Universidade do Minho".


Academic Degrees

1982Baccalauréat CAcadémie de Versailles - France
1988GradSystems Engineering and InformaticsUniversity of Minho - Portugal
1993PAPCCInformaticsUniversity of Minho - Portugal
2002PhDInformaticsUniversity of Minho - Portugal
2011HabilitationInformaticsUTAD - Portugal



Knowledge Engineering, Health Informatics and Business Intelligence in Centro ALGORITMI

Present research interests:

Knowledge Engineering, in particular in domains where knowledge is incomplete;
Quality of information in relational or deductive database systems;
Kowledge Representation and Reasoning;
Knowledge Discovery and Embedded Analytics;
Soft Computing;
Health and Biomedical Informatics;
Helathcare Information Systems, Interoperability, Security and Efficiency;
Electronic Medical and Health Records

Artificial Intelligence and Law;
Artificial Intelligence in Medicine;

Other skills/activities:

Cooperation with Macau attorney (1997-1999) and Braga attorney (1995-2002).

Cooperation between the "Universidade do Minho", "Centro Hospitalar do Porto" in Oporto (since 2002), "Hospital Padre Américo e Vale do Sousa" in Penafiel (since 2006), "Unidade Local de Saúde do Norte Alentejano (since 2008), Centro Hospitalar do Alto Ave (since 2010) and Unidade Local de Saúde de Castelo Branco (since 2014).

Member of the project team Telemedicine - Distance Diagnostic and Therapeutics , in the area of Dermatology, 1998.

Member of the project team MAD, Decision Support System in Legal Area, project nº PCSH/C/CJU/924/95, 1995.

Member of the project team - Web based Information System for Jurisprudence Access, Praxis/P/EEI/13096/1998

Member of the project team, CALENO - Telemedicine in Castela and Leão and the Nordeste Transmontano, 2003

Projects funded by FCT: INTCARE II - Intelligent Decision Support System for Intensive Care, INTELLIPave - AN EVOLUTIONARY INTELLIGENCE APPROACH TO ASPHALT PAVEMENT MODELLING, TIARAC: Telematics and Artificial Intelligence in Alternative Conflict Resolution, INTCARE - Intelligent Decision Support System for Intensive Care, Intelligent Agents and Legal Relations, ArgEmotionAgents - Argumentative Agents with Emotional Behaviour Modelling for Participants´ Support in Group Decision-Making Meetings, 2004-2015.

Member of project Plustex, Policy Learning to Unlock Skills in the Textile Sector, INTERREG project, 2012-2014.

Member of the project "HMIEXCEL", a partnership between Bosch and the University of Minho, 2013-15.

Member of the Project ""iFACTORY" and "INNOVCAR", a partnership between Bosch and the University of Minho, since 2015.

Member of the Project Deus ex-Machine, a partnership between Fraunhofer, UTAD, University of Oporto and the University of Minho, since 2016.

Member of the Project Development and Research on Innovative Vocational Education Skills (DRIVES), a partnership between 24 european institutions or organizations, since 2017.

Co-author of the AIDA platform.

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Doctoral Program in Biomedical Engineering

Databases, Learning and Knowledge Extraction

System Interoperability in Medicine

Classifications Systems and Ontologies in Medicine

Master in Informatics Engineering

Database Administration and Exploitation

Data Analysis

Semantic Interoperability

Knowledge Discovery

Master in Law and Informatics

Juridical Protection of Software, Multimedia Products and Databases

Electronic Commerce

Integrated Master in Biomedical Engineering

Clinical and Hospital Management Databases

Learning and Knowledge Extraction Systems

Electronic Health Records


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